Things Happen

There’s a lot to be said about getting ahead in the industry when you’re young. However, most people don’t really have that luxury. In fact, the honest truth is it’s about who you know for the most part. I took my time to apply to internships this school year, and frankly, I was ecstatic to […]

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Landing an Internship

As a student in the realm of fashion, it is clear that “unconventional” careers are difficult to forge without the preparation and relationships needed to succeed, which is why often internships are almost required to gain more experience in ones field. In fashion, I couldn’t see how a designer would be hired without any internships […]

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A Spring Day Around Town

A little while ago I went to the sidewalk arts festival with my friend. When it’s a warm and busy Savannah day, casuals are where it’s at. Denim shorts paired with tank tops were the outfit of choice for my friend and I as we attended the Savannah College of Art and Design Sidewalk Arts […]

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Minimal Student Packing Guide

Most students are leaving their dorms right now, but it’s the perfect time to reflect on the amount of things students end up ACTUALLY needing to move in comfortably to their dorms, apartments, etc. I’ve taken advantage of my moving out to go over what wasn’t all that necessary and what was for me to […]

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Sustainable Finds of the Week

After watching the documentary “The True Cost,” I began to take slow fashion, sustainable fashion, very seriously. I always knew how awful sweatshop labor was, and how a lot of things that are called fair trade are actually less than fair, but I never knew about how much environmental impact the fashion industry had. As […]

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Gastro Fest 2016

My mother was on the chair for gastrofest last year and it was incredibly hectic and busy, and in this mess of things I ended up volunteering. It was sincerely frustrating sitting under a tent as I swiped cards and made change, on an empty stomach, for a few volunteer hours during GastroFest 2015 while […]

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