Things Happen

There’s a lot to be said about getting ahead in the industry when you’re young. However, most people don’t really have that luxury. In fact, the honest truth is it’s about who you know for the most part. I took my time to apply to internships this school year, and frankly, I was ecstatic to be considered to do an internship, but for some of us who find solace in the world of fashion, we just aren’t that free. When it came down to the wire, I no longer had anywhere to stay in LA for the internship, and my heart was crushed. I didn’t have enough money to just go to LA and see what I could do. It was between being stuck in LA with possibly nowhere to go or live, or to stay home in Florida and do what I could do at home.

There were things I could have done to prevent this, probably, but I did my best in the long run. In hindsight I could have done better to get myself in the proper financial place, but the situation was out of my hands. I just hope someone can learn from this and to learn that everything happens for a reason.


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