Landing an Internship

As a student in the realm of fashion, it is clear that “unconventional” careers are difficult to forge without the preparation and relationships needed to succeed, which is why often internships are almost required to gain more experience in ones field. In fashion, I couldn’t see how a designer would be hired without any internships unless they were the absolute best designer in their graduating class and field. The need for intern experience and networking cause for frenzy in college students, which is why it is important to stand out when applying for internships. I myself have received internship offers, here is how you can stand out.

  1. Use websites like WayUp. WayUp is a website designed to match college students and others with internships and careers related to their interests, majors, and experience, as well as location. This website was absolutely instrumental to my ability to get an internship. With a messaging system and the ability to see a range of different opportunities, this website is ideal for any student even just slightly curious about what’s out there for them.
  2. Apply to as many internships as you are interested from the beginning of your college career. This will help you get internships that are better quality, and give you time to prepare.
  3. It should go without saying, but have a strong resume and cover letter tailored to the job you’re aiming for. Emphasize less needed skills in a smaller section of your resume. Try not to write one too long, but do include previous internships if they apply.
  4. If a recruiter messages you back, or emails, be swift to reply. Many other people may be searching for an internship. Don’t lose contact, get as much information as possible, and conduct a strong interview.
  5. If doing an internship for school credit, make sure you get all of the paperwork written and fees paid. Go ahead and search for somewhere to live, and establish dates to fly in and out, if necessary.

I was accepted to do an internship this summer with a jewelry and interior designer in LA. Personally, I can’t quite afford it, but I worked very hard to get this internship, which is why I have a gofundme for my internship. I just need enough to cover about two weeks of living in a hostile or shared room apartment and my flight. After that I will be working to afford living and rent. My gofundme is here: Internship


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