A Spring Day Around Town

A little while ago I went to the sidewalk arts festival with my friend. When it’s a warm and busy Savannah day, casuals are where it’s at. Denim shorts paired with tank tops were the outfit of choice for my friend and I as we attended the Savannah College of Art and Design Sidewalk Arts Festival. We got there mid-day when the drawing had already commenced and beautiful artwork began to emerge from the sidewalks of Forsyth Park.

Some of the art asked questions very important to me as fashion students had a booth discussing exploited labor in the fashion industry, asking to check our labels for Fashion Revolution week. “Who Made Your Clothes?” is something I often ask myself. Cheap labor is often used in developing countries where workers have few rights, leading to exploitation by western companies, such as Forever 21 and H&M. It felt a little ironic to be wearing a Forever21 shirt to participate in the campaign on Instagram.

While now I mainly source my clothing from consignment shops or sales pages on facebook, the shirt I bought a year ago became a source for guilt. I don’t want to feel that way when wearing clothing, I want to feel comfortable, stylish, and in control of my own representation, and fast fashion doesn’t represent me, and I don’t think it should represent you, either.


After lunch we picked up my friend’s car after getting it painted, adding style and a sense of newness to the car by adding white rally stripes. We went to dinner and spontaneously had an impromptu photoshoot with the fresh “new” car. And snagged a couple of photos of another car we thought was interesting. If you can’t tell, cars were a running theme that day.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These photos concluded our day as the sun set and became dusk in the parking lot, surrounded by palm trees and a sky swirling with emotion. It was probably my favorite day this year.


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