Minimal Student Packing Guide

Most students are leaving their dorms right now, but it’s the perfect time to reflect on the amount of things students end up ACTUALLY needing to move in comfortably to their dorms, apartments, etc. I’ve taken advantage of my moving out to go over what wasn’t all that necessary and what was for me to move in. Many of you may just now be moving in or starting college classes in the summer. Whatever your needs, this list will be sure to help you think about what’s necessary.

  1. Blankets. You really only need one heavier blanket if you live in the cold, and one lighter weight one IF you even need that. I ended up with more blankets than I originally left home with and let me tell you I only really used two of those and it is such a hassle to wash and move and store huge fluffy blankets, so just limit yourself to two IF that.
  2. Sheets: You really just need one set of linens that you can easily wash. I use Target brand jersey cotton sheets and they’re not that comfortable for me especially when it’s warm, so opt for normal cotton. Pillow cases you can use 4 of, because, as we all know, using dirty pillow cases can cause breakouts.
  3. Pillows: This is really up to you and your needed amount, but try to limit yourself and you’ll thank me later.
  4. Towels: You honestly just need one, unless you want to bring a beach towel as well. Don’t forget a couple of washcloths. The more you limit the amount of laundry loads you have to do, the better.
  5. Books: You have a school library, use it for what it’s worth. In fact, as far as textbooks go, they’re bound to have the latest or slightly earlier versions. My library lets me check out a textbook for two hours at a time. As far as novels, etc., bring as many as you think you’ll really have time to read. If you run out, there’s always more to check out for free. Books can take up a lot of space so an e-reader like a Nook is also ideal.
  6. Furniture: Do. Not. Go. Overboard. Furniture is something that you may or may not need as a student. Of course if your closet is miniature, a small dresser could benefit you, and a desk and some seating is necessary, but I would opt to have the smallest amount you need. My parents and I went overboard searching for furniture because that’s just how my mom is. She’s a furniture connoisseur, or rather addict. I ended up taking more than five trips to get all the furniture we bought into my apartment. We bought way too much. Trust me, you don’t need to impress anyone that much in college. You never know when you’ll be moving out, and frankly, it’s a lot easier to not take the labor and spend the time moving your furniture. Just remember to treat what you have well and you’ll save tons of money and time.
  7. Art Supplies/ School Supplies: Students, of all types, need to have the essentials to get by with taking lecture notes and doing homework or assignments. You definitely should bring any school materials like pens and paper with you to school. If you have an extensive collection, leave what you don’t use. As an art student, bringing as much art supplies as possible really helped me in the long run. My biggest regret? Leaving my compass. Drawing circles was never more difficult.
  8. Others: Please bring your social security card (if applicable) and birth certificate, or just a photocopy. You won’t be able to work otherwise, and you may need it for something important suddenly. It’s not exactly clutter when you need it. And don’t forget, copies in hard format or a flash drive of your best work, writing, essays, artwork, you name it. It will come in handy, especially for scholarships.

You don’t need to overcomplicate the moving process, but limit yourself to an amount of things that you will have space to grow as you will be making, writing, and doing in college more than anything, so you’ll fill out your dorm or apartment anyhow. Keep it simple and don’t stress too much. Good luck!


Pictured: my messy apartment. 


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