Sustainable Finds of the Week

After watching the documentary “The True Cost,” I began to take slow fashion, sustainable fashion, very seriously. I always knew how awful sweatshop labor was, and how a lot of things that are called fair trade are actually less than fair, but I never knew about how much environmental impact the fashion industry had. As an upcoming fashion student, I figured I should be aware of this. I honestly thought that clothes were always biodegradable, and always easy to recycle because someone always needs clothes, but I was very wrong. I couldn’t imagine the mountains of clothes that was in the documentary and I became more serious about the impact of consumerism as I have been practicing minimalism as much as possible.

So I figured since I want to go into making fashion sustainable, that I should try and find places for my blog that offer sustainable fashion. However, I’ve had a hard time finding unique pieces that aren’t all black and white, or where the material looked comfortable. Whether it has to do with the price of sustainable fashion, I’m not sure, but i’m definitely looking to find out once I cultivate a new wardrobe. So, to sum this up, I’m going to be making this a weekly post of my top finds of sustainable brands and items.

My first find of the week is shoes. I’ve been looking for some good shoes that are comfortable, yet chic, that will match a lot. I find that a lot of sustainable fashion brands and shoe brands make very rugged looking bulky shoes which I’m not in the market for, so I was glad to have found these.

Shoes like this are really fun for work or school, or even a casual outing with friends. I like the pattern and the versatility of this shoe, and of course, eco friendly and ethical aspects.

Another piece I really like is this dress below that looks good for casual or business wear and could  be dressed up or down, layered with different jewelry and jackets.

Organic cotton Twist dress

This vegan leather purse is so cool, made of cork, and isn’t synthetic. It looks like it could be dressed up or down and it’s a great crossbody for going out. I’d be stoked to have this, and hopefully it will go in stock soon.

ethical-fashion-Small Vegan Leather Purse in Black - 5



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