Tired face and Snake Skin sneaks: Business Casual Look of the Day

Hello, if you have read my earlier posts, you will know that I work for a company called Vector. I haven’t yet been able to discuss in a post my experiences there, but I will be doing that in the near future. I wanted to start showcasing what the looks of my work wardrobe are and show how other teens and young adults can use clothes they already have to dress in a business casual style. 

I wore this ensemble to perhaps change my look later but wear the same shoes because my friend invited me out, and due to the heat I wore a very thin shirt and white khaki pants.

These pants are from JCPenny, as well as the shirt. Underneath I’m wearing a tank top from Forever 21. The shoes are Topshop that I got from Nordstrom.

I had been in a rush so I didn’t get to do much with my hair, which I’m still figuring out in terms of style.

I made the choice of this outfit over others in order to use clothes I hadn’t quite been wearing often, most pieces over a year, and for comfort. Comfort is important to working well with a client. You can’t personalize your options for them if you aren’t comfortable enough to know them, and for yourself to present well you have to have some level of movement.

These shoes are a sort of snake skin leather sneaker so they can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. I like to have something comfy when it’s necessary.

I really am just hoping that I will do well in any job for the future and I love experimenting with new outfits and ideas. I hope this helps, or at least intrigues you.


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