Going Blonde

Not too long ago I began to dye my hair starting with just the ends. The ends of my hair grew longer and it became a sort of ombré effect of brown melting into colors ranging from silver, purple, and denim blue grey. As I was growing tired of the upkeep and cost of dyeing my hair I realized that graduation was around the corner and I was in need of a new dye job. Being a bit over the top having matched my hair to my prom dress just weeks before, I decided to dye my hair a natural color, but not my usual dark brown. I decided upon a long sought dream: blonde. I wanted to go blonde so bad since I was a child wearing wigs at Libby Lue, dusted in glitter. I wanted to go honey blonde and I figured I would have to wait or let the dream dissolve because of my hair color. Lo and behold, a blogger from tumblr died her dark black Mexican hair to blonde so I figured I had a shot at it too. 

My hair before dying

At the time of my appointment, which was Tuesday, my hair had been bleached twice and dyed several times. I was experimenting with some new freedom and my hair had never really been dyed all over before, especially not an unnatural color such as grey. The grey dye from my prom had turned the bleached bottom of my hair greenish, and I needed to change it regardless. It took a lot of arguing convincing and just plain hesitation to decide against dying my hair brown and trying out the blonde I always coveted my sister having. I never knew hair would be so emotionally stressful. 

Waiting on the process

I told my stylist what I really wanted was a honey blonde and to keep the bleached sections of my hair. I also told her I definitely wanted to dye my hair another pastel color after this. She highlighted more sections of my hair to blend it into the top and when I thought that would be the last of it, she added a soap cap to take out the sea foam green my hair had become. A soap cap for those of you who don’t know is a mixture of bleach and shampoo. This was used to wash away the left over dye, but also to lighten and blend the top of my hair. 


Getting my hair done gives me a massive boost of confidence and an outlook that says I can conquer anything. In the end I’m very happy with my hair. Having stepped out of my comfort zone with a new stylist and a new hairdo, I can say that I’m glad I took the leap. For all those out there, hair is hair, and unless you have something holding you back like a job or hair growth issue, you should try different styles out and learn more about yourself in the process. 

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