First Experience Coloring My Hair

My hair before coloring

As a kid I was never ever allowed to color my hair. However, my mother progressively allowed me to work with the idea. I went to my salon and with the suggestion of my usual stylist went to a hairdresser who knew how to get the colors I wanted. 

I wanted to do silver in my hair so that it was still an interesting color but monochromatic to where I could still be taken seriously. 

This was the first process. My hair didn’t grab the color all the way. 

Bleaching and dyeing hair can be difficult if you have dark hair. I suggest going to a salon and possible doing small root touch ups with enough to research if touch ups are too expensive.

The first time I finished it was a blue grey color.

I personally had to go back a second time to see if I could get my hair to take the color better. I did this a week after my first coloring. When I went the second time I got more strands bleached fully closer to the root as opposed to just close to my ends. 

As shocking as it was this was the result. At first the bleach turned my hair pink and orange and was not bleaching my hair thuroughly enough to get to silver. So I had the option between pink and purple or blonde and with a lot of convincing I chose purple. The roots are still my natural brown and it’s more of a gradient but I’m happy with the color. Of course no dye is permanent and I will have to get my hair redone. 

My hair today

Getting to do something wild to my hair for once was a new experience. I suggest everyone do it at least once. Hair grows. Let your parents know that to and if they’re strict like mine are it may take some convincing and age to get things to where you want them to be. I’m just glad I can have a cute haircut like the one I recieved. 

For any other questions on coloring hair I woul be happy to answer them. 


5 thoughts on “First Experience Coloring My Hair

  1. Your hair looks awesome! I’m actually considering getting a purple did-dye myself. I actually bought the dye. I just need to find the time to do it (yeah, I’m doing it myself so if it turns out horrid – as you said, hair grows)


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