School or Business?

I feel like I am in this massive intersection in my life right now, where I have no clue what the next step I should take will be. Right now I am struggling to find a balance between the education I want, work that is mentally rewarding, and work that is financially stable. Film in […]

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A Question of Violence

What an unfortunate world we live in. Can we do nothing more now than live in fear? Fear of someone who is trigger happy, fear of evil, fear of terror? Do we have to wait for the earth to be swallowed up by the ocean? Shot out of the sky? Can we pretend for a […]

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F/W 2017 Style Board

Autumn is just around the corner, and soon we will all start layering up for the cold. I live in Florida, so the temperature won’t start to drop for a while which is why I included a crop top, a jacket to layer, and touches of deep autumnal colors such as red and include mustard […]

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Fenty Beauty, NYFW, and Irma

Hello everyone! What a week we’re having. Natural disasters are afoot, Rihanna just launched a makeup line, and New York fashion week has begun.  So far on my list I’ve kept an eye on my life inspiration, fashion designer and director Tom Ford, whose Ready to Wear  spring 2018 collection just graced the runway with […]

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Beginning My Film Life

No one knows what small opportunities in life will do for you. Everything is bound by destiny, a concept I now believe in. It is destiny when I find myself on the set of a short film, ubering across town because I don’t have a car, all because I was venting about how I don’t […]

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